Why Cord Stick®?

The expenses generated by needle stick injury, both direct and indirect, can be reduced by use of medical devices designed with occupational safety in mind. Cord Stick® Multiple Draw System is such a device. Its unique patented design provides for safe and efficient umbilical cord blood collection with an integrated sharps protection feature.

Needle stick injuries are an everyday hazard to healthcare workers. Reported needle sticks are in the range of 800,000 per year. There may be more actual injuries due to the fact that many injuries go unreported.

Direct injury related expenditures by institutions exceed $400 per needle stick event. Additional outlays for AZT prophylaxis drive the costs even higher. Lifetime disbursements for seroconversion for HIV are estimated at $500,000 and $80,000 for Hepatitis B. Claims for Hepatitis C requiring a liver transplant can be in excess of $1,000,000. The cost of personal tragedy to the healthcare worker is, of course, immeasurable.

Physicians and midwives should urge their hospitals to switch to safe methods of cord blood collection. Department managers should encourage their medical staff to use devices that help reduce or prevent medical and nursing staff injury.

For a pdf brochure on Cord Stick®, click here.